Major bushfire outbreaks reflect a dogged refusal of everyone involved to learn from experience


Rhetoric and confusion: The underlying factors in the 1994
fires, the Black Christmas Fires of 2001 and those of January 2003 are
also blurred, buried or lost in a flurry of rhetoric and confusion.

Clear objectives lacking: The underlying causes of bushfires in
fact would seem to include the apparent reluctance or inability for
politicians, agencies, interest groups and the civil society to develop
a clear set of information on which to develop objectives and work
consistently on solutions at varying scales and timeframes.

Voice of experience: This is the view of Dr Peter Moore who has
25 years of fire management and forestry experience. He coordinated the
management of fires during the 1994 NSW bushfire emergency before
heading up strategic planning for State Forests. Since 1998 he has been
the coordinator of Project FireFight South-East Asia, based in Vietnam.

The Land, 1/12/2005, p. 14

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