Mass media reports misinterpret research findings that plants contribute to global warming


Funding and cash flow: The CRC is funded by: the Department of
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Australia, Alcoa Australia,
Department of Agriculture, Shell Corporation of Australia, Stanwell
Corporation of Australia and The Chemistry Centre. Its money flows to:
the Australian Greenhouse Office, the Australian National University,
the Bureau of Rural Sciences, CSIRO Divisions, Land & Water, Marine
and Atmospheric Research, Plant Industry, Ensis (Forestry and Forest
Products) and the Department of Conservation & Land Management /
Western Australian Forest Products Commission the Department of Natural
Resources, Mines & Energy, the Department of Primary Industries and
Fisheries, the Department of Sustainability and Environment on behalf
of the Victorian Government and Forests NSW and the University of

Reference: Cooperative Research Centre For Greenhouse Accounting,
Annual Report, 2004-2005. GPO Box 475 Canberra ACT Australia 2601.
Telephone: 61 2 6125 4020, Fax: 61 2 6125 5095, Emal:

Cooperative Research Centre For Greenhouse Accounting annual report 2004-2005, 27/1/2006

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