The Earth Is A Living Entity


The most interesting area of application of mechanical waves is geophysical.

waves, whose sources are crustal movements, tides or deep disturbances,
give the only information on the interior of the earth, and are
interesting on their own. Artificial waves, from explosions intentional
and unintentional, or mechanical pounding, are used to explore the
upper layers of the crust, scientifically, or for structural traps for
petroleum. In this case the medium is not isotropic or homogeneous, but
horizontally stratified, which introduces further complication.  

existence of structured and organized mechanical waves is the signature
of a living earth that manifests all signs of life.   It is easy
to find the wave equations for the main types of bulk plane waves in an
isotropic medium, since we can use principal axes. That really defines
the earth’s heartbeat.  

This brings into question serious
questions about extraterrestrial life structures. They may not be
biological and organic in nature after all. They can be in the form
mechanical wave structures in the crust of a planet or star or even a
black hole.   According to some scientists every heavenly bodies
in this cosmos are alive and are guided by Zero Point Energy

The life is centered around ZPEs and the outer
shell can take any form.   Even a neutron star or a black hole is
alive, says some scientists. All ZPEs are connected by the central
mechanism of integrated consciousness the underlying basis of higher
dimensional existence in the Hyperspace. Sourced from – India Daily Technology Team

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