Meet the Reef warriors, NEVILLE

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Meet the Reef warriors, NEVILLE


Dermot O’Gorman, WWF-Australia via 

11:39 AM (4 minutes ago)

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Connected By Water


You’ve been with us, every step of the way, fighting to protect our iconic Great Barrier Reef from rapid industrialisation. Like anything worth fighting for, it hasn’t always been easy – there have been ups and downs.

So today we share a story to inspire; a story of hope.

This story comes from an unlikely group of Australians, quietly working to help save the Reef.

Who are these Reef warriors?

Over 75 cane farmers from Queensland, decided it was time to step up and do their bit for the Reef. They joined Project Catalyst and partnered with WWF-Australia, the Coca Cola Foundation, Catchment Solutions, NQ Dry Tropics and Terrain NRM.

This unlikely alliance wasn’t easy, but we all had a common goal – to help save the Reef. To leave something better for the next generation.

Don’t just take our word for it – watch the video and hear straight from the farmers, in their own words.

Connected By Water Video
What these farmers have achieved for the land and our Reef is truly inspirational.

Let’s make sure the actions of these farmers don’t go unnoticed. Help us spread the word with the hope that other farmers and businesses will be encouraged to do the same.

Help spread hope for the Reef and thank a farmer by sharing the video.

As cane farmer Tony Bugeja puts it best:

 “As a farmer I feel we should all be doing our bit for this planet. I think if everyone does their bit it will make a difference”. 

This is an inspiring story, one that should be shared so that hope for the Reef spreads.


Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF-Australia

P.S.  I think you’ll especially like the bit at 4.31 – Tony’s smile says it all.

P.P.S If you’re not on Facebook it’s no problem, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

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