Minister mouths support for wind


Ministerial support is key: Chief Executive of the Australian Wind Energy Association, Dominique La Fontaine, welcomed the Minister’s comments and said the industry has already developed a national code in the form of Best Practice Guidelines and a national accreditation program simply needs the Minister’s support to be put in place.

Wind more than just a fringe power: "It is vital that we move quickly so the wind power industry can enjoy the government support and commercial backing it needs to become more than a fringe player in Australia’s electricity system,” La Fontaine said.

Wide acceptance but pockets of opposition: “Auswind believes extensive and sensitive community consultation is a key to the industry’s future success, but while polling regularly shows overwhelming acceptance of wind power among the public, it is a small but vocal minority who tend to grab the headlines.”

Wind has proven itself: “Right now our industry provides the most cost competitive, grid connected, zero carbon emission energy technology available. It is proven and currently available for further deployment,” she said.

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Erisk Net, 11/4/2006

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