Monaro, Snowy debate wind farms


Debate on the possible expansion of the controversial wind farm industry in the Monaro and Snowy Mountains is under way again.

Business group Cooma Unlimited says the community needs to make up its mind regarding wind farms and their effects on the landscape.

The Snowy River Shire Council has already approved plans for a wind farm in the Snowy Plains area and other projects are on the drawing board.

But Cooma Unlimited president Dugald Mitchell says debate on the issue so far has not addressed the issue of where the farms should be located.

"The debate started last year regarding wind power – it wasn’t completed because it is possible to place these things in certain areas on the Monaro where they wouldn’t be seen," he said.

"Some people say we want to see them, some people say, ‘No, we don’t want to see them, we want to reserve our heritage landscape’.

"How we do that, we want to do that, hasn’t been publicly debated."

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