More accommodation about to close

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More accommodation about to close


Linda Samera via CommunityRun via

10:43 AM (9 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Friends,

You may have received this email over the weekend but I have just received the news that RPA Hospital will be closing the doors on Norland House in Ashfield which is the alternative accommodation they have been utilising since their onsite accommodation was demolished 3yrs ago. This only serves to increase the urgency of this matter or more people from country NSW will miss out on essential treatment.

Thank you very much for your support in signing the petition “Don’t leave country patients out in the cold”. Last week I received an answer from the Health Minister Jillian Skinner to a letter I wrote before I created the petition. The Health Minister’s response did not offer any solutions to my situation or to the bigger problem of accommodation for country patients across the whole of NSW. This is not good enough. I have written back to the Health Minister and my local MP regarding both my own situation and the situation that many of you find yourselves or your family and friends in. I also met with my local MP Chris Gulaptis. We need to make it clear to the Health Minister that the need is immediate, that it involves all tertiary hospitals in NSW and that we need action taken on this issue now.

There is a really important way in which you can help – could you please email the office of the Health Minister Jillian Skinner at

Or can you please call the Health Minister Jillian Skinner on (02) 9909 2594 (North Shore Office) or (02) 9228 5229.

The Health Minister needs to hear our stories and those of people close to us. She needs to hear that country patients demand accommodation at all tertiary hospitals that is affordable and accessible to everyone. She also needs to hear that people in the city are not happy about this unfair situation. Let’s make our voices heard loud and clear.

Thanks again for your support and please remember to spread the news about this petition by clicking the link

Kind regards,

Linda Samera

P.S I’d really appreicate it if you could let me know if you’ve called or emailed

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