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Nuclear threat to Indo-Pak ties
Deccan Chronicle
The greatest nuclear threat to India emanates from mighty China that has helped Pakistan acquire the bomb and is currently building four plutonium production plants at Khushab. This is, of course, Pakistan’s antidote to the Indo-US nuclear deal the
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Foreign Policy: Don’t Fear A Nuclear Armed Iran
As the balance between war and diplomacy continually teeters, Israel’s leaders are afraid that a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat. People demonstrate against a possible Israeli military attack and war with Iran on March 24, 2012 in Tel Aviv,
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Melting Arctic may redraw global geopolitical map
Sydney Morning Herald
It operates almost all of the world’s 34 or so icebreakers – albeit many of them ageing Cold War-era vessels, some powered by nuclear reactors that Western experts say could be a major danger in their own right. Perhaps just as importantly,
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Groups file complaint against nuke water
Emery County Progress
This request asked for a change to the point of diversion of 29600 acre feet of water to be used for the proposed nuclear power plant near Green River. The water rights held by Kane County were not being put to beneficial use. They were intended at one
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