NAB has refused to fund Adani’s Carmichael coal mine! GET UP

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NAB – Not Adani’s Bank


Sam R – GetUp!

11:12 AM (4 hours ago)

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“NAB is not involved and has no plans to be involved in any financing for the Carmichael coal mine.”1 – NAB


NAB has refused to fund Adani’s Carmichael coal mine!

They’re now the second Australian bank to abandon the mining giant in the last month, and the 14th major bank to rule it out across the world.

The momentum against Adani’s monstrous coal project is undeniable. Tens of thousands of Australians have conviced their banks to do the right thing. It’s people power at its best, and banks are starting to realise they can’t get away with funding a project that will damage the Great Barrier Reef and cook the planet.

But there are two big Aussie banks who could still provide Adani with the funds they need to build the Carmichael mine — Westpac and ANZ.

If we can get Westpac and ANZ to do the right thing and abandon Adani then Carmichael could be finished forever. Putting visible pressure on Westpac and ANZ now is the best chance we have of forcing them to do the responsible thing and choose coral over coal.

Can you ask Westpac and ANZ not to fund Adani’s Carmichael mine?

Tweet at Westpac
Tweet at ANZ

Write on Westpac’s Facebook wall
Write on ANZ’s Facebook wall

Or, if you’re not on social media:

Click here to email Westpac.
Click here to email ANZ.

This is another huge win, but it’s vitally important that we keep the pressure up on the Australian banks who are yet to distance themselves from Adani.

Right now, we face a brand new dredging proposal for Abbot Point, and the Abbott Government looks likely to re-approve the Carmichael mine.

And it gets worse. Staggeringly, our coal-hearted Prime Minister could be getting ready to pledge millions of dollars of public money to prop up the unprofitable mine. Last week, Treasurer Joe Hockey confirmed he was in talks with Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt to discuss strategy for funding the mine.2

If the Abbott Government becomes the first player to invest, it makes it less risky for banks like Westpac and ANZ to follow suit, and could pave the way for Adani to proceed.

It would be a ludicrous investment for a Government to spend taxpayer money on a project that’s unviable, unpopular and environmentally disastrous. But as we’ve seen time and time again, this Abbott Government is willing to do anything to protect its friends in the coal lobby.

If we can get ANZ and Westpac to rule the project out, funding Carmichael will become almost impossible for Adani, even with a crazy Government handout.

Can you help snuff out Adani’s best hope of finding funding by contacting your bank now?

Tweet at Westpac
Tweet at ANZ

Write on Westpac’s Facebook wall
Write on ANZ’s Facebook wall

Thanks for all that you do,

Sam R and Adam, for the Getup Team

PS – Huge thanks to our brilliant friends at 350 Australia, AYCC, Greenpeace, and Market Forces for making this happen. And to the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners, who’ve now succesfully lobbied two banks to abandon Adani’s Carmichael mine.

PPS – More good news! Korean giant LG have declared they will not be buying Adani’s Galilee coal. Which means Adani have now lost half their existing customers.3

[1] National Australia Bank rules out funding Adani’s Carmichael coal mine, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 September 2015
[2] Abbott government hints Adani could be considered for rail funding, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 August 2015
[3] Adani loses LG as big customer for Carmichael mine, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 September 2015

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