New wind farm proposed for Ballarat


Alinta Bo Peep Wind Farm Pty Ltd has proposed to construct up to 14 wind turbines with 2 alternative wind turbine positions on private land approximately 12 kilometres west of Ballarat.

Geographical boundary: The area is generally bounded by Smarts Hill Road in the north, Haddon-Windermere Road in the east, Ballarat-Carngham Road in the south and White Lane in the west.

Two year timeline: The construction of the turbines is anticipated within the next two years.

Description of the action: Bo Peep Wind Farm Pty Ltd proposes to construct up to 14 wind turbines with 2 alternative positions, within the defined area.

Necessary gravel roads: To enable the turbines to be constructed within the site, access roads will have to be constructed. The access roads will be of gravel construction and where possible will be located on existing tracks within farm land.

22kV line connection: The wind farm will be connected to the Ballarat South substation by an overhead 22kV powerline that utilises the existing 22kV power line route on the Ballarat Carngham Rd.

322ha land coverage: The defined area that will contain the turbines is approximately 322 ha. The wind turbines will be comprised of towers between 68m and 98.5m tall with blades of up to 55m length.

62GW per annum: The expected energy output of the wind farm is 62 gigawatt hours per annum. This estimate remains subject to the detailed technical design of the facility, final turbine specifications and analysis of wind speeds across the site.

Erisk Net, 14/7/2006

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