Nine million Chinese without water


Contamination caused by earlier factory explosion: The
contamination followed an explosion at a chemical factory upstream in
the Songhua River on 13 November. Five people were killed in the blast.
Schools and businesses in Harbin have been shut.

Water temporarily restored, panic residents stock up: Water was
temporarily restored to the city to allow residents to stock up as the
wave of polluted river water flowed towards the area. The provincial
government said an 8Okm stretch of heavily polluted water would flow
past on Saturday. After the taps were closed, panicked residents rushed
stores to stock up on food and water. “All containers are being used to
store water, including the bathtub,” a factory manager said. People
were jamming the airport and rail stations to leave the area, another
witness said.

The Courier Mail, 24/11/2005, p. 15

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