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Now more than ever


Adam Bandt

1:07 PM (25 minutes ago)

to me
Neville —
Last week, the Liberal Party called on their voters to put the Greens last on the ballot paper. Over the weekend, the Labor Party made a similar move — preferencing the religious right and anti-abortion DLP and the climate change-deniers Country Alliance ahead of the Greens in the upper house.

It’s clear that now, more than ever, we need to elect a progressive voice here in the state seat of Melbourne — take a stand for progressive values and chip in now to Ellen Sandell’s campaign to win Melbourne for the Greens.

With the generous support of people like you in the lead up to the last Federal Election, we won the seat of Melbourne, despite the swing towards the right across the rest of the country. Right now, we can do the same in the Victorian Parliament by winning the state seat of Melbourne for the Greens.

Neville — will you stand up for progressive values once again and chip in $50 now to get Ellen Sandell elected into the Victorian Parliament?

We know the old parties have deep pockets and they are throwing millions of dollars at this campaign — even a small donation can help us even the balance.

It’s a sprint to the finish line for Ellen in Melbourne and it’s close. Really close. If elected, Ellen will be a strong and progressive voice in the middle of the Victorian Parliament. Ellen will stand up for a woman’s right to choose and against the climate deniers and bigots.

We need to drive our message home to every voter that their vote has the power to tip the scales in favour of a more progressive, forward-thinking Parliament.

Go to to stand up for what matters and drive Ellen’s campaign home in these last crucial days.

Thanks for standing with us,


PS. Right now, the big end of town is pouring money into Labor coffers. And by the time we reach Election Day, the Liberals will have spent a whopping $6 million alone on television advertising. Without the support of people like you, we risk our stand for progressive values being drowned out in the final days. Can you help us change Victorian politics from right here in Melbourne? Chip in $50 now to help get us across the line.

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