NSW offers $800 rebate for installing rainwater tanks


NSW households that install rainwater tanks can claim a rebate of up to $800 from today, reported The Daily Telegraph (19/10/2006, p.5).

16,000 get washing machine cash: The state government is also to extend the $150 cash-back scheme for Sydney households that buy water-efficient washing machines until 2008. Since the scheme was adopted in March, 16,000 rebates have been issued.

Tank rebate raised by $150: The maximum tank rebate was lifted by $150. More than 26,000 tank rebates have been provided since 2002.

Scheme to save 553m litres a year: Water Utilities Minister David Campbell said both rebates had been successful. The extension of the washing machine rebate was expected to save 553 million litres of water a year by July 2008.

The Daily Telegraph, 19/10/2006, p. 5

Source: Erisk Net  

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