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What the Fukushima and BP Disasters Remind Us About Our Failure to Communicate
Huffington Post
The recent headlines commanded by two disasters of historic proportions — the anniversary of the tsunami that flooded the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors and the settlement of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill litigation — remind us not only of our
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Obama to Pursue Nuclear Safety, Security, Nonproliferation at Summit
Voice of America
“The number-one threat to the national security of the United States is nuclear terrorism, a group getting a bomb or the material with which to build a bomb and detonating it in the United States – a “nuclear 9/11,” Cirincione said.
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Missing Nukes Fuel Terror Concern as Seoul Meeting Draws Obama
If saboteurs were to penetrate a reactor site and disable the power supply, creating a similar effect as when the tsunami struck the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant in Japan last year, there would be a danger of the nuclear fuel rods melting and radioactive
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MacArthur Awards $13.4 Million to Study and Support Enhanced Nuclear Security
Sacramento Bee
“MacArthur’s grantmaking aims to support the people and institutions that can provide us with the research and know-how needed to keep nuclear energy safe and fissile materials out of dangerous hands.” Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and
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Germany Unprepared for Major Nuclear Disaster
Spiegel Online
German nuclear plants, of course, are in no danger from tsunamis. But a thousand-year flood could knock out a reactor’s cooling system — a risk dismissed as just as unlikely in Germany as the danger of a massive tsunami was considered in Japan until
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Spiegel Online
The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: Discovering An Agenda – Analysis
Eurasia Review
By PR Chari Over fifty nations are gathering in Seoul on 25-26 March to confer on nuclear security issues a second time. They had met in Washington two years back to discuss the catastrophic threat of nuclear terrorism and the consequent need to secure
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