Object review needed for nuclear debate


The debate on the merits or otherwise of nuclear power needs to be a rational, objective assessment based on hard science, economics and fact, according to Guy Webber, a consultant analyst writing for The Australian (7/6/2006, p.14).

Unbiased review needed: "It must be open and public so that the issues, supported by reference material that is peer-reviewed and unbiased, can be appraised," Webber wrote. "As with any other public policy development, it cannot and should not be subjected to the harm of political expediency or the agenda of interest groups.

National attention span lacking: "It remains to be seen whether the national attention deficit will allow the depth or breadth of discussion that is needed. Nonetheless, the next time a public figure pronounces with shallow thinking, blind ideology or media-driven imperative on any issue of policy, think about how such an approach to the development of this nation is harming us all," Webber added.

Forum due in October: The Australian National Forum on Nuclear Power options will be held in Sydney in October

The Australian, 7/6/2006, p. 14

Source: Erisk Net

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