One bank to wreck an Australian world wonder?!

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One bank to wreck an Australian world wonder?!


Danny Auron – Avaaz

8:00 AM (25 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Avaazers across Australia,

India’s coal king Adani wants to turn our precious Great Barrier Reef into a major shipping lane. But if we act fast we can sink his dirty coal complex by getting the State Bank of India to turn down his billion dollar lifeline:


India’s coal king is bidding for a $1 billion bank loan to turn our greatest ecological treasure into a major shipping lane. But if we act fast we can block his billion and keep the Great Barrier Reef home for whales and dolphins, not hulking coal ships.

UNESCO says the Queensland-based project puts our precious Reef in danger and eight leading international banks have backed away. Now it’s up to the State Bank of India to make or break it. The Bank’s Chairwoman has staked her reputation on cracking down on “bad loans” — and a massive global campaign backed by tens of thousands of Australians can persuade her to scrutinise and stop this crazy coal project.

Public pressure has already changed other banks’ minds, so add your name now to say no to the world’s worst loan. When a million people sign, we’ll prep a definitive dossier showing its financial and environmental problems, then deliver it to Chairwoman Bhattacharya with the petition, legal letters and a media blitz:

The Reef is the largest living organism on Earth and home to thousands of protected species. In the past three decades it’s lost around half its coral, due to pollution from mines, climate change and other factors. German magazine Der Spiegel reported that “if current trends continue, the unthinkable could happen: the Great Barrier Reef could die.”

This wild coal rush is toxic for the planet. Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel, and to get the coal to India, Adani would need to expand a shipping lane from Abbot Point right through our Reef. The Australian government claims the project will be subject to the “highest environmental standards”, but the truth is that no standards can adequately protect the reef from the dredging and dumping of spoil — not to mention the carbon emissions coming from the coal itself, which will destroy the reef in the long-term.

Campaigns by Avaaz and others, plus doubts over the project’s viability, have persuaded banks like Citigroup and Deutsche to say no to Adani’s planned Carmichael coal mine and infrastructure complex. Now the State Bank of India is under fire from India’s press and political opposition.

As the head of India’s largest state-backed bank the Chairwoman will have to listen to public opinion. 69% of Indians polled said they were against this project, and a million-strong global petition supported by us Aussies — together with a flood of messages, ads, and reports — can encourage the Board to turn Adani down. Add your voice now to hit a million against the reef-wrecking coalmine:

Time and again this year our community has shown it can rise to the challenge of making our climate safe for future generations. We’ve been fighting for the Great Barrier Reef for a long time so let’s ensure we unite again to save it from this catastrophic coal complex.

With hope and determination,

Danny, Nick, David, Alex, Oli, Alaphia, Nic, Ravi and the whole Avaaz team


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