Options for Railway Locomotives

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Latest update {Draft XI:05) of “Post-Carbon Australian Options for Railway Locomotives”  has been released on the net for public comment from my website at http://www.auzgnosis.com/pgs/auzloco.htm  (while the draft will still have the same file-name I will keep updating the actual file there to the latest version as any future improvement are made).                       

I’d be real happy for readers to circulate this email to anybody they think may find this interesting. Any & all feedback most appreciated.  I am very aware that the whole envisaged project is a monsterThe aim of writing the paper was to get the broad community to muse about the long-term futures of land-transport across Australia’s vast dry landmass.

Appreciate any pointers for getting some university facilities playing around with, testing these broad ideas.


Would be interested in any feedback, Many Thanks
  W.Shawn Gray

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