ORER accredits 11 power stations in 2004-05, bringing total number to 217


6-week accreditation process: All power stations accredited in
this period were assessed within 6 weeks of receipt of all necessary
information. The ORER aims to achieve the internal performance
indicator of all applications for accreditation finalised within 6
weeks of the date of last received information. However, the total
assessment time may take longer than 6 weeks where additional
information, to complete the assessment, is required from the applicant.

Reference: Financial Annual Report, Australian Government, Office of
the Renewable Energy Regulator. Contact: Manager, Office of the
Renewable Energy Regulator, GPO Box 621, CANBERRA ACT 2601, ph: (02)
6274 1416, fax: (02) 6274 1725

Erisk Net, 13/12/2005

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