Organisations can’t claim Green Power as an emissions reduction


The Green Power scheme was developed by the Sustainable Energy and
Development Authority (now incorporated into the Department of
Energy, Utilities and Sustainability) and is a national accreditation
program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for
renewable energy products offered by electricity retailers to
households and businesses across Australia, said the report on the
compliance and operation of the NSW Greenhouse Abatement Scheme.

This scheme provides a certification mechanism for the
provision of zero emissions electricity to consumers across
Australia. Organisations who purchase Green Power (usually as a given
percentage of their total electricity consumption) cannot claim that
initiative as an emissions reduction under the NSW Greenhouse
Abatement Scheme. Green Power is administered by the Department of
Energy, Utilities and Sustainability.

Reference: NSW Greenhouse Abatement Scheme – Compliance and
Operation of the Scheme during 2004. Inquiries regarding this report
should be directed to: Christopher Spangaro, ph: (02) 9290 8419,
Margaret Sniffin, ph: (02) 9290 8486 or Gary Drysdale, ph: (02) 9290
8477. Independent Pricing and Regulatory, Tribunal of New South
Wales, Level 2, 44 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000, ph: (02) 9290
8400, fax: (02) 9290 2061, website:

Source:, 17/11/2005

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