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Our take on the Royal Commission


CFMEU Leadership Team <info@whymrabbott.org.au>

5:09 PM (30 minutes ago)

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Dear Neville

Last week the Minister for Employment Eric Abetz released the Interim Report of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

The Royal Commission has not found any corruption in the CFMEU. Instead they have made recommendations and findings regarding industrial disputes the union has been involved in.

That’s not surprising for our industries where a worker is killed or seriously injured every 6 minutes and where employers frequently underpay and rip off workers’ entitlements. The CFMEU makes no apology for standing up for its members.

The Royal Commission was set up by the Abbott Government to pave the way for a raft of anti-worker initiatives including the Australian Building and Construction Commission and the recently announced Productivity Commission Review of the Fair Work Act, which will seek to cut penalty rates and rights at work. If Abbott and Abetz get their way our wages will be cut and workplace health and safety compromised.

Not only is the Royal Commission a massive waste of taxpayers’ money – $50 million and counting- it does nothing to fix the real problems facing our country: the increasing cost of living, rising unemployment and the highest rate of youth unemployment in decades.

In this short video we give you our take on the Royal Commission.


We wish all our members a safe and happy holiday season.

We will return in 2015 to keep fighting for the right of all workers to stand up, speak out and come home.

In unity,

Michael O’Connor – National Secretary

Tony Maher – National President

Dave Noonan – National Assistant Secretary

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