Peak Oil is real and will stunt any economic recovery

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The Peak Oil Crisis: Surging Gasoline
Falls Church News Press
By Tom Whipple With the EU’s debt crisis and the Iranian confrontation relatively quiescent, attention has turned to the incessant increase in US gasoline prices. The Capitol Hill gas station, where at least some members of Congress fill up,
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Peak oil is real and will stunt any economic recovery
Peak oil is as real as rain, and it is here now. Not 2050. Not 2020. Now. Oil production has been flat since 2005. This is not by choice. The producers cannot increase production because new fields cannot keep pace with declining production from old
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IEA: Expect Oil Market Volatility
Barron’s (blog)
By Dimitra DeFotis For all you peak oil theorists out there: Saudi Arabia’s production is at 30-year highs, it doesn’t seem to be making up for shortfalls as sanctions put a squeeze on Iran’s oil output – and lumpy supply stats seem to be in the offing
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Ohio Gov proposes severance tax increase to cut income tax
Gas Business Briefing
Ohio Governor John Kasich proposed increasing the state’s severance tax to support an estimated $1bn cut in income taxes over the next five years when Ohio reaches peak oil and gas production. The income tax cut would rise and fall with oil and gas
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