Plan to change daylight saving dates


Summer time could come a month earlier in the ACT under plans to harmonise the start and end dates for daylight saving, reported The Canberra Times (15 July 2006, p.4).

COAG push: COAG has agreed to consider a proposal for the ACT, NSW and Victoria to bring forward the change to the first Sunday in October rather than the last, in line with Tasmania.

Big states call tune: ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said he would have to look to the territory’s bigger neighbour when deciding which path to follow. “I have agreed to work with NSW and Victoria on a proposal that the ACT introduce summer time one month earlier than we currently do," he said.

How true: Mr Stanhope said that while he was loath to defer the decision to NSW or any other jurisdiction, "reasonably it would be almost impossible to contemplate an ACT in a different time zone to NSW."

The Canberra Times, 15/7/2006, p. 4

Source: Erisk Net  

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