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Progress towards our goal – solving climate change


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10:47 AM (24 minutes ago)

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Dear Neville,

As you know CCL is working tirelessly to build the political will for our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal. What you may not know is how well things are going!

We now have approximately 55 senators and 188 representatives our volunteers rank as favorably inclined towards our legislation, which puts us close to the 60 votes we need in the Senate and 218 we need in the House. And our number of volunteers is doubling, sometimes tripling, each year.

We had over 600 volunteer lobbyists in Washington, DC this June, and our total membership is now more than 11,000. By our June 2015 International Conference, we hope to have more than 15,000 supporters with 1,000 or more of us coming to DC to meet with our members of Congress.

With that many volunteers, and so many members of Congress already on board, it feels like we’re getting close to passing carbon fee and dividend legislation!

DC_Photo 2

The more volunteers we have, the quicker we’ll get legislation passed. So we need to keep growing, and we need to keep providing quality support to our ever-expanding cadre of awesome volunteers.

In order to provide this support, we’re now raising $500,000 to meet the remainder of our $1.5 million budget for the year. These funds are used to support our group leaders and volunteers in the field, as well as provide educational conferences in Washington, DC and each CCL region, more briefings of the REMI report, cover costs like our offices in Coronado, CA and DC, our well-used conference line, the website, our social media presence, international outreach and support, and CCL group starts across the U.S.

How can we reach this $500,000 goal? Simple: One donation at a time! Your donation will be tax-deductible because it will fund our educational outreach to and support of our volunteers.

Please give as generously as you can today to help us solve global warming.

We can do this! We can raise $500,000! We can solve global warming!

Thank you for your generous participation.

In Joy and Gratitude, Lynate

Lynate Pettengill
Development Director
Citizens’ Climate Education Corp.

P.S. We started this campaign in October and are already halfway to our $500,000 goal thanks to donations from people like you!

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