Recycled water required for new homes


Burden of choice removed: Water authorities have been given the power to require developments to install "dual-pipe" systems to deliver non-drinking water for domestic uses such as car-washing, toilets and gardens. Builders and planners say mandatory regulations are unnecessary because the private sector has been installing the systems in response to growing demand from home buyers.

Call for tough rules on public building: The Development Institute of Australia’s Victorian chief executive, Tony De Domenico, called on the government to mandate equally tough water conservation measures for all public-sector projects, such as schools and public housing. He said lower stamp duty should be offered for homes with water-saving systems.

First-year savings of 4 billion litres: Recycled, or grey, water for housing estates in Melbourne’s south-east will come from the Eastern Irrigation Scheme, a recycling project, and be delivered through purple pipes and hoses fitted in homes. The government estimates the first connections will save 4 billion litres of water a year.

The Australian Financial Review, 16/1/2007, p.3

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