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Daily update: Networks told they need to play fair with local energy, solar


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Networks told they need to play fair with local energy, solar; RET under new threat as Lambie quits PUP; Tech guru says battery storage is disruptive; Peak coal in China already?; Wind energy tops new US power generation; Why did China/Australia FTA ignore environment?; Montreal Protocol nearly delivers a climate present n Paris; BHP’s short-lived climate cuddle; US utility giant commits to halve emissions; Wind energy app; Walmart’s dirty energy secret; and World’s first power-to-liquids production plant opened in Dresden.
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The Parkinson Report
Push by utilities to slash tariff for solar, and to increase fixed charges, is going to accelerate grid defection rather than stop it. New study recommends new tariffs that could encourage solar and storage by putting a proper value on their network benefits.
The former Palmer United Party’s new turn as an Independent means the RET is even more likely to be sliced and diced, but not by Abbott’s Coalition.
Australian battery maker RedFlow caps off a year of successful commercialisation and fund raising with appointment of top tech investor Simon Hackett.
The share of coal in China’s electricity market has shrunk more than 6 per cent in a single year, and imports have shrunk dramatically.
Report highlights rise of renewables – and demise of new coal – in US as wind power provides nearly 70% of new generating capacity in October.
Of all the FTAs China has signed to date, Australia’s is the only one that does not have a dedicated section on the environment and its massive market opportunities.
Tackling CO2 emissions is undoubtedly the main game in climate action, but urgently phasing out HFCs offers a contribution we cannot afford to pass up.
The climate-friendly bonhomie of BHP Billiton’s Chairman, Jac Nasser, didn’t last long into question time at the company’s AGM in Adelaide late last week.
NRG Energy sets target of cutting its carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030 and 90 percent by 2050.
Francesco Paraggio has developed a wind farm locator app. It’s quite simple, but a lot of fun and actually has a few neat features.
Walmart’s dirty energy secret Stacy Mitchell & Walter Wuthmann
US retail giant committed to 100% renewable energy, but its slick greenwashing hides its massive coal consumption.
A Power-to-Liquids demonstration rig which is the first of its kind in the world was officially inaugurated on 14 November by Dresden-based sunfire GmbH.

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