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Daily update: Germany looks to fast-track exit from coal, as well as nuclear


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Germany looks to fast-track exit from coal, as well as nuclear; Martin Green says solar costs to halve by 2025; SunPower to build 160MW solar panel factory in South Africa; NEM mapping tool to boost renewables deployment; The word Abbott government dare no speak; Germany to reach more than 30% renewables power by 2015; 6 potential US grid-scale energy storage projects; Australia on way to carbon pariah; Implications of mid-term election for climate change policy; and Solar power costs hit new lows in Brazil.
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Germany is looking to achieve exactly what Australia says is not possible – and wean one of the world’s largest manufacturing economies off coal – as well as shutting down nuclear.
World leading researcher Martin Green says cost of solar technology will halve again in next decade, meaning solar – not coal – will become dominant energy source.
As power blackouts rock South Africa, SunPower reveals plans to build a solar panel factory in Cape Town capable of producing 160MW of PV modules a year.
‘Network opportunity maps’ to highlight areas where demand management and renewables can address electricity constraint, rather than more poles and wires.
Australia has a new ambassador to direct negotiations on a climate treaty in Paris. But the words climate change have been dropped from his job title.
For the Australian Government, the IPCC report could not have come at a more inopportune time — or at least, that’s what you would have assumed.
Germany is headed for 31-32% renewable share of gross domestic electricity demand in 2015, a doubling of non-hydro renewables since 2010.
It’s true more homeowners are getting solar panels, but large, cheap home energy systems don’t exist yet. It does appear that they will be coming, however.
The US mid-term elections will be crucial for climate policy at a national level, and for solar and wind in some key states.
Solar power costs hit new lows in Brazil Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Brazil’s solar auction attracts some of the lowest ever prices recorded for solar energy, with investors’ returns likely to be squeezed to single-digits.

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