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Daily update: Abengoa mulls 20MW solar tower + storage plant in WA


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Abengoa mulls solar tower+storage plant in WA, Abbott says new tax critical to send consumers pricing signal, NSW wants LRET & cuts to rooftop solar incentives, Greens say 1–% renewables in NSW affordable & essential, US emissions jump as coal returns, What will solar industry look like in 2025, Visualizing life in Salem after massive coal generator closed, and Carbon offsets can do more harm than good.
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The Parkinson Report
Abengoa considers 20MW solar tower plant with storage and gets ARENA funds for feasibility study. Australia is finally awaking to solar technology of the future.
Five years after stating his preference for a tax to help reduce Australia’s growing emissions, Tony Abbott is once again embracing price signals.
Victoria is allocating huge subsidies to connect regional households to expensive, outdated gas. But there’s a much cheaper, greener option.
NSW breaks ranks with other conservative governments, saying RET is good and should be retained. But it suggests changes, including delaying large scale component and reducing incentives for rooftop solar.
The Greens’ plan to shift NSW to 100% renewables by 2030 introduced to parliament as ‘possible’, ‘affordable’ and ‘in the best interests of the state.’
With the EPA’s draft carbon standards hanging over US power sector, increased coal-fired power has caused US emissions to rise dramatically.
Which nations? Which technologies?  Which companies? Some of the questions explored by a group of 20 of the top solar executives in the world at Stanford.
When coal plants close, communities face painful transitions. Debate over one Massachusetts plant shows the local impacts of a national shift to cleaner power.
Globally and across consumer companies, carbon offsets are not only green-washing, but

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