SW Chamber talks green at golf club

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Andrew Chamberlin
Andrew Chamberlin will lead discussion next Thursday

Despite the national treasurer’s discomfort with wind turbine’s many businesses are experiencing first-hand the bottom line advantages of thinking green.

As the Bendigo Bank writes on its Green Generation pages, “Business owners are recognizing that as the cost of energy, water and other limited resources rise, the value of best practice efficiency increases, thus speeding our transition to a sustainable society.”

Talking about the nation’s small to medium enterprises (SME’s) that make up 57% of the economy, the bank observes, “The way these 2 million+ businesses consume energy, water and other resources, is critical to our society’s ability to [transition to a sustainable economy]. The good news is, than in doing this, the owners and managers of these businesses will save money and increase their profits.]

The thought seems to be catching on. The SW Chamber of Commerce, now part of the CCIQ and missing its long term guide and mentor Roger Taufel, had an expert in LED lighting speaking last month and this month features Andrew Chamberlin, the CEO for Smart Energy at City Smart.

Speaking at the Brisbane Golf Club, Andrew will show how to give your business a competitive advantage by making real environmental and financial savings.

He will explain the ecoBiz program, through which businesses are able to reduce waste, water and power use, saving money, becoming more sustainable, and, importantly, boosting their bottom line. You will:

  • learn some practical ways to save money and reduce costs in your business
  • discover how to implement free and immediate changes to reduce costs in your business
  • gain a better understanding of your bills and how to control electricity, water and waste
  • understand how you can make the most of the CCIQ EcoBiz program and become an ecoBusiness

More than a dozen case studies of business saving money by thinking smarter are available at the EcoBiz website


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