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29 June, 2015 General news0
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Rising above our differences


Kelly O’Shanassy, ACF Unsubscribe

11:12 AM (3 minutes ago)

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Have you seen the news this morning?

ACF is standing together with some unlikely allies because we want change. We want to break the political paralysis in Australia.

The challenge of pollution and global warming is bigger than politics. It’s bigger than you and me. To get Australia’s climate policy on track, people from all walks of life must be involved. This is bigger than our differences.

That’s why we’ve come together with 10 major business, industry, environment, energy, investor, research, union and social groups to speak out for strong policy to cut pollution and support clean energy.

We have never come together before, and while we will not solve every problem or agree on everything, we want to show our politicians there is more that unites us than divides us. We want to make it clear that so many people from different walks of life want our country to cut pollution and support clean energy – there is no excuse for inaction.

It’s all over the news: in the Guardianthe AustralianABC newsSky News AustraliaThe ConversationThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeWA Today and more.

It’s an unlikely alliance, and an important one. We are ACF, WWF, The Climate Institute, Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), Australian Industry Group (AiGroup), Business Council of Australia, Aluminium Association of Australia, Energy Supply Association of Australia and the Investor Group on Climate Change.

We’ve found common ground on some fundamental goals and principles: Australian Climate Roundtable: Joint principles for climate policy. We all agree Australia must cut pollution and address global warming.

But we know our country doesn’t yet have the broad political will to make this happen. So we want to break the paralysis and reset the debate. 

We know this won’t be easy. But delayed, unpredictable and piecemeal action will cost us dearly, and make the job ahead even harder.

This doesn’t mean ACF will stop exposing the big polluting companies, calling for an end to handouts or passionately campaigning for what we stand for – now or in the future.

But we share common ground on the fundamental principle that we want our political leaders to cut pollution.

We think reaching out matters. We can discuss our differences and find solutions. Will you join us? Start a conversation with an unlikely ally you know – a friend or neighbour you’ve never spoken to about why you care. Common ground might seem impossible at first, but you might be surprised. 

Because this is more important than our differences.


Kelly O’Shanassy
Australian Conservation Foundation

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