Rumsfeld owned bird flu vaccine


Tamiflu, the patented vaccine against influenza H5N1, otherwise known as bird flu, is owned by Gilead. US secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld was a major shareholder of Gilean until recently.

Doctor Pushkar Kulkarni, a toxicoligist at the Bombay Veterinary College points out that Tamiflu is actually an extract of Star Aniseed, a major component of the spice Garam Masala, and that any food cooked at over 70 degrees Celsius is safe regardless of the presence of the H5N1 virus.

Independent reports indicate that  the virus is primarily originating in large industrial scale poultry farms and spreading along the transport routes of the global poultry industry. Doctor Kulkarni’s claim joins a growing clamour calling for the focus of health authorities to shift to large scale poultry farming and halt the mass slaughter of birds belonging to the world’s independent poultry farmers.

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