Sates follow SA’s lead refundable drink containers


SA Premier Mike Rann called for public comment on plans to increase container deposit levies to 10c or 20c – up from the 5c levy introduced in 1975, reported The Australian (27 October 2006 p7).

Big savings on aluminium: Environment Minister Gail Gago said recycling helped reduce greenhouse gasses. "The savings on the current levels of aluminium-can recycling at present is the equivalent to removing about 2500 cars off our roads, it’s about 20-odd thousand barrels of oil," she said.

Vic Opposition keen on deposit system: In Victoria, Liberal leader Ted Baillieu has pledged, if elected, to impose a 5c levy on drinks sold in aluminium cans, plastic and glass bottles, refundable once containers are handed in.

WA and Tas looking at collecting their empties too: The Western Australian and Tasmanian governments are also considering implementing container deposit schemes.

The Australian, 27/10/2006, p.7

Source: Erisk Net 

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