Senate votes down ETS legislation

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Will they listen ???

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> Greens offer Government ‘new way forward’ for meaningful climate action
> Thursday 13 August 2009
> The collapse of Mr Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme presents
> Australia with a great opportunity to move ahead with meaningful climate
> action, the Australian Greens said today in a letter to the Prime
> Minister and Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong.

> The letter calls on the Minister and Prime Minister to commence
> discussions with the Greens on a suite of measures to begin reducing
> Australia’s emissions immediately. This includes bringing on the
> Renewable Energy Target legislation on Monday and moving towards a
> renewable energy feed-in tariff, forest protection, clean transport and
> comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades.
> “The collapse of the Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme provides
> Australia with a great opportunity to move ahead with ambitious action
> on the climate crisis,” Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator
> Christine Milne, said.
> “The CPRS would have locked in failure on the climate crisis with its
> inexcusably weak emissions target and its $16 billion handout to
> polluters. Three in four Australians support the Greens’ decision to
> reject the bill if the Government refused to toughen it up.
> “The collapse of the CPRS opens the door to a suite of other measures
> that can be implemented immediately, before an amended CPRS returns to
> the Parliament, in order to begin reducing Australia’s emissions without
> delay.
> “Now is the time to move ahead, re-powering Australia with renewable
> energy, upgrading our energy efficiency, shifting to sustainable
> transport and protecting our vast and wonderful forest carbon stores.
> “We Greens are calling on the Government to immediately bring on the
> Renewable Energy Target legislation, to unleash the tremendous potential
> of renewable energy to repower Australia and create tens of thousands of
> jobs.
> “Both the big old parties have been using Australia’s clever and clean
> renewable energy industry as a political football. Both old parties bend
> over backwards to sandbag the old polluters, but neither is willing to
> give priority to the renewable energy powerhouse that the Australian
> community wants.”
> The letter, from Senators Brown and Milne to Prime Minister Rudd and
> Minister Wong, sets out the Greens’ proposals for an amended emissions
> trading scheme, as well as complementary measures on forest protection,
> renewable energy, sustainable transport and energy efficiency.
> “We invite the Government to immediately engage in constructive
> discussions with the Greens on this proposal, so we can together create
> meaningful action on the climate crisis.”
> Tim Hollo
> Media Adviser
> Senator Christine Milne | Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Climate
> Change Spokesperson
> Suite SG-112 Parliament House, Canberra ACT | P: 02 6277 3588 | M: 0437
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