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Send Abbott a msg on schools


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Neville —

We have a chance to send Tony Abbott a message like never before: we aren’t happy his $30 billion in cuts to our schools and we won’t sit down and cop it.

The Canning by-election will be held on 19 September. Canning is not a seat we would normally have a chance at winning, but two recent polls have it at 50/50 – it’s right down to the wire.

If we win it – or even if we come within a few percent of winning it – Abbott’s leadership will be questioned by his colleagues. The Liberals will be very nervous about what the Australian people think of their plans for our country.

It’s an uphill battle and so we are throwing everything we have into this important campaign – not only for the people of Canning, but for the rest of us so badly impacted by Tony Abbott’s backwards Government. Will you contribute to help tip the balance against Tony Abbott and his captain’s pick candidate?


It’s down to Tony Abbott’s hand-picked candidate flown in from Sydney and Labor’s local Western Australian candidate Matt Keogh, who has spent time in local schools in his area campaigning against Abbott’s cuts.

Tony Abbott’s Government has taken Australia backwards and this by-election in Canning is potentially a real game changer. Please chip in to help us make sure he can’t turn his prospects around.

Thank you for your support,
George Wright
National Campaign Director

PS – If you can’t donate today, we’d love to to join us to help send a message by volunteering to make calls for our national phone bank. You can find out more here.

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