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Sentenced to death at 14 years old


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5:11 PM (31 minutes ago)

to me
Shafqat Hussain was still a child when when he was sentenced to death. His execution is due to take place on Tuesday.
Take action to help save this young man’s life.


Dear Neville,
Fourteen years old.
That’s the age Shafqat Hussain was when authorities in Pakistan sentenced him to death.
According to his lawyers, he was convicted based on a ‘confession’ following nine days of torture while in police custody.
Earlier this year, public outcry from Amnesty supporters like you helped get Shafqat a stay of execution — but the stay has now expired and Shafqat is due to be killed on Tuesday 9 June.
Shafqat has been in prison for more than ten years now.
In 2004, when he was still just a kid, he was sentenced to death for kidnapping and involuntary manslaughter.
His current lawyers claim he didn’t receive a fair trial. In fact, his state-appointed lawyer at the time failed to introduce a single piece of evidence or call a single witness in his defence — and never raised the fact he was a juvenile.
Shafqat is not alone. Shockingly, more than 8,000 people now sit on death row in Pakistan.
The death penalty is a cruel and inhuman punishment — that’s why 140 countries have abolished it in law or practice.
It’s time for Pakistan to join them.
In hope,
Diana B. Sayed
Crisis Response Coordinator
Amnesty International Australia
PS. Shafqat Hussain’s impending execution on Tuesday 9 June is illegal under domestic and international law. Tell Pakistan it must be stopped and share this action with your friends on Facebook.

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