Shorten commits to dangerous, dirty coal Adam Bandt

6 November, 2015 General news0
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Shorten commits to dangerous, dirty coal


Adam Bandt

11:47 AM (2 hours ago)

to me


“Labor is not going to stop coal mining.” Bill Shorten, November 2015.

Dear Neville,

Standing among the people of the Pacific Islands whose homes are most at risk from rising sea levels, Bill Shorten had the gall to declare “Labor is not going to stop coal mining”.By doing his part to condemn low lying island nations across the Pacific, Bill Shorten has shown that the old parties are in lockstep when it comes to taking real action on climate change. Click here to share this news with your friends and family on Facebook.

A recent EMC poll has shown that almost twice as many Australians support a ban on all new coal mines as those opposed. This is a stark reminder of just how out of touch Bill Shorten is in refusing to support the Pacific Islands’ call for a moratorium on new coal mines. 

Shorten: Labor is not going to stop coal mining

Any credible plan to tackle climate change and keep global warming below 2 degrees must bring the age of coal and fossil fuels to an end.

As the Paris climate talks approach, anything short of a commitment to ban all new coal mines would be devastating for the safety of our climate. Instead of depending on this dirty and outdated source of energy, we need to rapidly replace it with clean, renewable energy like wind and solar. The world is already moving away from coal and yet the old parties are refusing to acknowledge this reality.

It’s clear — the old parties will not take real and meaningful action on climate change unless we force them. The Greens will continue to work to drastically cut pollution and invest in renewable energy for a safe future for people and our environment. It’s time that Labor and the Liberals listen to the vast majority of Australians who believe that climate change is happening, not their mates in the coal industry.

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Thanks for standing with us,


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