‘Simple changes’ fight climate change

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‘Simple changes’ fight climate change

Updated: 14:07, Friday August 21, 2009

'Simple changes' fight climate change

Australians need to join the fight against climate change by making simple changes in how they live, the federal government says.

A day after finalising a significant commitment to renewable energy, the government has set its sights on ordinary households, saying they can do more to assist the climate change challenge.

Solar panel rebates of up to $7,000 were passed on Thursday as part of the drive to lower emissions of greenhouse gases.


Environment Minister Peter Garrett on Friday launched initiatives to offer practical tips on how to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle.

The new livinggreener.gov.au website provides a range of information on sustainable living, including composting, how to buy an environmentally friendly oven and the installation of rainwater tanks.

‘Almost 10 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from households,’ Mr Garrett said in a statement.

‘But every Australian can make a big difference to the environment and their wallets through simple, cost-effective, everyday actions.’

For a first-hand look at how it can be done, some 170 homes across the country will open their doors as part of Sustainable House Day on September 13.

Environmentally aware householders have been welcoming visitors since 2001, giving them a first-hand look at how homes can be modified, Mr Garrett said.

But the event will be fully sponsored for the first time since 2001, so admission will be free.

Agriculture Minister Tony Burke believes the sugarcane industry will also play a part in achieving the 20 per cent renewable energies target by 2020.

He’s called for greater investment in sugarcane-powered energy, which currently accounts for five per cent of electricity generation in Queensland.

Up to 180,000 homes in the sunshine state and northern NSW could benefit, he said.

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