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Since 1926…


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This email is being sent to you on behalf of Liverpool Plains farmers Paul and Rosemary Nankivell, via 350.org Australia. Your details haven’t been shared with anyone.

Hi there,

We’re Paul and Rosemary Nankivell, farmers from the Liverpool Plains in NSW, and we’re writing to invite you to the Harvest Festival against the Shenhua coal mine.

Our family has farmed in this district since 1926 but now our livelihoods are under threat. Shenhua, a Chinese owned mega coal company has plans to dig a 35 square kilometre void just up the road from our property.

Out here on the Plains we aren’t going to stand idly by. That’s why our community has organised the Harvest Festival – to celebrate this great region and show Shenhua and the NSW Government that Australians from all walks of life won’t let this destructive project go ahead.

Will you join us from November 68th?

Farming and Shenhua’s coal mine cannot co-exist.

The Liverpool Plains is highly regarded by the agricultural community as one of the top ten most productive agricultural regions in the world. Yet Shenhua and the NSW Government are too concerned about the promise of profits (and even that’s in serious doubt) to consider the damage to surrounding crops and livestock as well as our communities and the climate. What’s more – the impacts on the precious groundwater of the Murray Darling Basin are basically unknown.

That’s why we are inviting folks from across Australia to join us at the Harvest Festival. We’ll take you on tours of the region, talk about how we can work together in the cities and on the Plains to fight this project and demonstrate that enough is enough, this project must be halted for the future of our climate and our communities.

We will defend our country for as long as it takes. And we hope you will join us.

Register today to receive all the details about the Harvest Festival from 6-8 November out here at Breeza, on the Liverpool Plains.

In the words of our youngest son “C’mon….coal is so last century!”

See you on the Plains,

Rosemary and Paul.

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