Smart Meters help reduce electricity consumption


Country Energy trial of in-house Smart Meters in 200 homes in country NSW; households cut energy consumption by 5pc and their electricity costs by 16pc

In a submission to the Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW, Liberal MP Michael Richardson, Member for Castle Hill, said, the NEMMCO paper simply assumed a continuing growth in demand for electricity in NSW but this need not be the case.

Smart Meters could cut usage: For example, electricity usage in NSW homes can be cut by progressively installing Smart Meters, starting with areas that that are facing blackouts because of inadequate transmission infrastructure.

Peak load times effect: Smart Metering helped to reduce electricity consumption, particularly at critical peak load times, relieving the strain on both the generating and distribution systems as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Regional NSW meter trial: Country Energy conducted a trial of in-house Smart Meters in 200 homes in country NSW. On average, households in the trial cut their energy consumption by 5 per cent and their
electricity costs by 16 per cent. There was a particularly strong response to critical peak pricing events, with people turning off air conditioners and discretionary appliances such as washing machines and irons. Ninety-nine per cent of those in the trial wanted to carry on with the Smart Meters.

Little effect on demand: However, while Smart Meters have the potential to reduce peak-load consumption they won’t significantly reduce the demand for baseload power. In the absence of major additional energy savings in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors and with the economy continuing to grow, additional baseload generating capacity will almost certainly be needed.

Reference: Liberal MP Michael Richardso, Member for Castle Hill

Erisk Net, 6/7/2007

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