Solar Cities event for Adelaide


he International Solar Cities Congress is part of the International Solar Cities Initiative and the 2008 Congress will be the third solar cities congress.  


The objectives of the International Solar Cities Initiative are to support UN energy and climate policies by stimulating the interest of cities into becoming benchmark cities that commit to ambitious emission reduction goals; help cities systematically integrate renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and industries into environmental, economic and city planning; and provide scientific support for the validation and design of effective measures and policies for Solar Cities.


The 3rd Congress will appeal to all professionals and individuals with an interest in sustainable energy and its role in our urban environment. The International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI) has been formed to address climate change through effective measurable action at the urban community level. The members of ISCI are cities, institutions and individuals who want to help each other in this task.


Business is a major focus of the Congress, and anyone in the business of sustainability, market growth and forecasts will find the information presented throughout the program invaluable, particularly on the Wednesday, which has been designed as a special business day and features Robert F Kennedy Jr.


A three day program is planned in association with a mayoral forum, field trips and the opportunity for all delegates to enjoy pre and post Conference tours to some of South Australia’s major attractions.

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