SPA: Newsletter, Issue 119, February 2015

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SPA: Newsletter, Issue 119, February 2015


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Sustainable Population Australia

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Dear members and supporters of Sustainable Population Australia
Please find our latest newsletter attached and also on our website at This is the first newsletter edited by Stephen Williams, our publications officer who took over enews last year.
Being quarterly, it should be another month before it comes out, but we are having an early AGM this year and needed to include due notice of this meeting. Note the attached proxy form if you wish to vote on the proposed motions.
In this newsletter you will find:
  • on the front page, two blogs from Kelvin Thomson MP
  • Opinion articles from Peter McDonald, Leith van Onselen and James Dyke
  • an edited transcript of the Ockham’s Razor talk featuring SPA member Melvin Bolton
  • book reviews of Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot andthe novel Cull
  • members’ letters, mostly on whether we change our name or not
  • branch reports and other SPA news including a farewell fron me as outgoing president
  • abstract of recent research on planetary boundaries

Jenny Goldie
SPA President

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