Standing up to the fossil fuel industry with our Pacific neighbours;

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A turning point?


Charlie Wood – Australia <>

5:03 PM (46 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Sydney friend,

This week, I’ve seen two confronting sides of the coin that is climate change.

Last Friday, as thirty young Pacific Islanders arrived on our shores to stand up to the fossil fuel industry driving the destruction of their homes, I received an email from the President of The Marshall Islands College, asking for assistance in divesting his university from fossil fuels. Attached were thirteen photos of the frightening floods that have just hit the Islands and are evermore frequently scourging his home.

I sat, speechless. Here was a people suffering the worst impacts of climate change yet who had done nothing to cause the problem – offering to help, not just their country, but all countries, by standing up to the fossil fuel industry and divesting from climate disruption. This fighting, hopeful spirit of the Pacific brought tears to my eyes.

Meanwhile, back home, an announcement from Australia’s National University that they will divest* from two fossil fuel companies has prompted our Federal Treasurer to lambast ANU’s Vice Chancellor and our Financial Press to wage a condemnatory campaign, now into its eleventh day. It has even compelled our Prime Minister to exclaim, in his wisdom, that “Coal is Good for Humanity.” The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

But, albeit confronting, these events, I believe, are a major turning point for Australia.

They are laying bare the degree to which our politicians and our press are wedded to an industry whose activities will tank the planet. But more importantly, they’re highlighting the inexorable courage of our Pacific neighbours to tackle the heart of this problem and inspire all Australians to do the same.

And this gives me great hope as we move into times that will be more difficult and confronting than humanity has ever faced.

With the world’s largest coal port to blockade and millions more dollars to shift out of fossil fuels, the next fortnight will be Australia’s biggest and most challenging yet. We hope you will join us where and when you can by:

Because, to change everything, we need everyone.

Yours, with hope for the massive times ahead,


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