Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs biggest water wasters


Eastern Suburbs residents were Sydney’s biggest water wasters, with Woollahra households using an average 328,000 litres in 2005/2006 – above the average of 237,000 litres and even more than the city’s pre-water restriction average of 300,000 litres in 2002/03, reported The Daily Telegraph (21/10/2006, p.1).

Woollhara’s shame revealed: Sydney Water figures also showed Woollahra residents received 242 water restriction fines between July 2005 and June this year, the largest number issued. Hunters Hill was the second worst water waster in 2005/06, with an average of 302,000 litres used per household, followed by Mosman with 299,000 litres.

South Coast town most economical: The best performers were Kiama households, which used only 170,000 litres. Sydney City was rated fifth, using 195,000 litres. Sydney’s water storage levels were currently at 41 per cent, up from 39.1 per cent when level three mandatory water restrictions began in June 2005.

The Daily Telegraph, 21/10/2006, p. 1

Source: Erisk Net  

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