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Take action before next week


Australian Unions Team <info@actu.org.au>

10:24 AM (1 hour ago)

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Inga —

The Australian Labor Party is holding its National Conference next week, and we need to convince them to endorse a gas reservation policy. You can help by telling your local MP to Reserve Our Gas:
Tony Abbott and the Liberals are allowing foreign companies to ship our gas overseas, and then sell it back to us at higher global prices. Average gas bills are set to double, and 235,000 jobs are at risk. We need to raise the pressure on our elected politicians by telling them to Reserve Our Gas.

The Australian Workers’ Union campaign for a domestic gas reservation policy is incredibly important in changing the national dialogue about our domestic export policy to make sure Australia isn’t left behind. Want to understand why this is such a critical issue? This short video explains it all.

Email your MP and tell them you won’t accept this betrayal.

This is our big chance to save Aussie jobs and keep the cost of living down. Supporters of the Reserve Our Gas campaign have been crucial to building up momentum around the country. So far it has gathered over:

* 15,000 petition signatures;
* 3000 emails to local politicians; and
* 150 resolutions passed in Labor Branches.

Thanks for standing up for the national interest. Tell your local MP to Reserve Our Gas.

In unity,

Dave Oliver


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