Wind farm fined $3000 for dead wedge-tailed eagle


A wind farm has exceeded its allowance for deaths of the endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, with a third killed there in five months, reported The Age (8/8/2006, p.4).

1.8 eagle death allowance: The 62-turbine Woolnorth wind farm, in Tasmania’s far north-west, was expected to average 1.8 eagle deaths each year, said Josh Bradshaw, a spokesperson for the project’s owner, Roaring 40s.

Third death since March: An adult eagle was recently found injured at the farm and put down by a vet at nearby Smithton. It was the third to die there since March.

$3000 per head: The bird is down to around 130 breeding pairs, according to the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. Roaring 40s must pay $3000 for each bird that is "permanently incapacitated".

The Age, 8/8/2006, p.4

Source: Erisk Net  

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