The Bunyip, the Senator & Gawler High labor

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The Bunyip, the Senator & Gawler High


George Wright via 

3:36 PM (5 minutes ago)

to me

Hi Inga,

Yesterday a leaked education green paper revealed a plan to cut all federal funding from schools. It’s a plan that would see states forced to introduce fees in public schools and end universal access to public education.

It’s the biggest attack on school education by a federal government ever, and the impacts would be devastating.

There will be fewer teachers. Larger classes. Resources will be stretched. Students will receive less support. And some schools could be forced to close.

That’s why we asked you to choose a primary or high school you want to stand up for and thousands of you did.

But Tony Abbott just doesn’t get it. He and his Cabinet don’t understand how important universal education is – and how free access to their local public school has literally changed the lives of millions of Australians. The good news is we think there’s one Liberal Minister who might understand where we’re coming from. The Assistant Education Minister and South Australian Senator, Simon Birmingham, grew up on the outskirts of Adelaide where he went to Gawler High. 

We’d like Simon Birmingham to sign our petition, can you help us persuade him to sign his support his for public schools? We want to take out the ad below in the local newspaper, the Gawler Bunyip, asking Senator Birmingham to stick up for his old high school – and for every school across the country.

Can you chip in to help pay for the ad? Click here to see the ad and contribute.


With pressure on Senator Birmingham to stand up for the education he got at Gawler High we can help crush this attack on our schools – and on universal public education – before it gets off the ground.

Help us make sure Senator Birmingham doesn’t turn his back on Gawler High.

George Wright
Campaign Director

Australian Labor Party

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