The end of coal? Ellen Sandell, with Adam Bandt

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The end of coal?


Ellen Sandell

11:04 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Last night, ABC’s Four Corners program declared we’re now witnessing the end of coal. But in Australia, the old parties are continuing to support this dirty and uneconomic industry. We need to push the old parties to give up on coal and invest in clean, renewable energy, starting with closing Australia’s dirtiest power station, Hazelwood — will you join us?

Dear Neville,Last night, ABC’s Four Corners delivered a damning report on coal — the age of coal is over. But in Australia the old parties are still prioritising their short-term political interests over the health of our communities and the planet. Just this morning we heard that Victorian Labor has approved exploration for new coal mines here in Victoria.

We must come together and force the old parties to cut pollution and help transition communities to the new, clean and sustainable jobs of the future. Join me and thousands of Australians in calling for Australia’s dirtiest power station to be replaced with renewable energy.

Despite Tony Abbott declaring that “coal is good for humanity”, across the country we’re seeing signs that coal is in its death throes. One month ago, the company running Anglesea coal-fired power station announced it will close. And just last week, the company behind two coal-fired power stations in South Australia’s Port Augusta declared they will be shut down as early as next year.

It’s clear that coal’s time is up. Despite this, the old parties are still supporting their big business friends in the coal industry. We must hold the Liberals and Labor to account and stop millions of tonnes of pollution now by replacing Hazelwood with clean, renewable energy. Add your name to our call.

Hazelwood is Australia’s dirtiest power station and one of the most polluting in the world. Right now, the Victorian government must create a plan to transition away from coal and replace Hazelwood with renewable energy. This would stop millions of tonnes of pollution being pumped into the atmosphere and support the communities that rely on Hazelwood to transition to sustainable jobs.

Join us in calling on the Victorian Labor government to close Hazelwood, and recognise that the time for coal is over — add your name now at

Thanks for powering the fight for a clean economy,

Ellen Sandell, with Adam Bandt

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