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The John James Newsletter 50

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John James

7:05 AM (2 hours ago)

The John James Newsletter 50
14 March 2015


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect
Mark Twain

The Arctic Ocean is coming close to complete summer meltdown
The apparent ‘pause’ in global warming has been no such thing. Instead the surplus heat – two Hiroshima bombs-worth a second – has been ‘buried’ deep in the Pacific Ocean. That’s because of two important climate cycles, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, has masked the warming. But soon they will tip the other way and the ‘Big Heat’ is set to begin – a five to ten year burst of rapid warming that will be most severe in the Arctic. “Nothing has been said by the IPCC. Nothing has been said in the mainstream media. Nothing has been said by the scientific community. This is a terrible omission.”

March 4 Arctic Sea Ice Extent Hits Record Low
There is little scope for Arctic sea ice extent to grow over the next few weeks, since the only areas where it could possibly expand would be the Pacific and the North Atlantic, the very areas that are under pressure from ocean heat and high surface temperatures. In other words, the situation looks set to deteriorate further.

How is it happening?
What is the mechanism behind accelerated warming of the Arctic Ocean, huge abrupt methane eruptions from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean and skyrocketing temperatures?

Naomi Klein: This changes everything
I denied climate change for longer than I care to admit. I knew it was happening, but stayed pretty hazy on the details and only skimmed most of the news stories, especially the really scary ones. I told myself the science was too complicated and that the environmentalists were dealing with it. And I continued to behave as if there was nothing wrong with the shiny card in my wallet attesting to my “elite” frequent flyer status.

Byron shire aims to lead Australia on zero emissions plan
“All revolutions start from the bottom up, and what is required is a revolution. Politicians will follow what action happens in the communities.” This had been the case in Europe, particularly Germany and Denmark, where “people power” had driven the major uptake of renewable energy. The plan is to incorporate land use, retrofitting of buildings, waste and transport – including electric vehicles – into the plan.

Nuclear arsenals of the world – the GOOD NEWS
Rising, then pulling back from a Peak in the late 1980s, the number of nuclear warheads has dropped significantly, though more countries now possess them.

UN: Impact on Africa if we keep to 2 degrees
The latest science suggests climate change adaptation measures could cost Africa $50 billion per year by the mid-century, and put up to 50 per cent of the continent’s population is at risk of undernourishment, even if efforts to prevent a 2°C temperature increase are successful. African nations do not have the domestic resources to head off this crippling economic cost.

Aleppo: Notes from the Dark
With bombs exploding and under sniper fire, this film shows the life of Aleppo from the perspective of seven of its residents, struggling with the hardships of war: A social journalist, a street vendor, a cleric, an entrepreneur, a doctor from a field hospital, a shopkeeper – ordinary people with hopes and dreams.

Boko Haram Turns Robin Hood’s Strategy on Its Head
Boko Haram is now raising money by ignoring the rich and targeting the poor, an unusually cruel tactic that takes struggling innocents and pushes them over the financial cliff.
Health costs of hormone disrupting chemicals
Lower IQ, adult obesity and 5% of autism cases are all linked to exposure to endocrine disruptors found in food containers, plastics, furniture, toys, carpeting and cosmetics. “The shocking thing is that the major component of that cost is related to the loss of brain function in the next generation,”

Business Is Booming at Abu Dhabi’s Great Arms Bazaar
With conflicts raging from Ukraine to Syria to Yemen, there’s something for everyone at the world’s most important gun show. Business is booming. Defence spending grew 12.1 percent in the Middle East last year.

Under the Dome: Trying To Save This Whole System We Call Home
My son lives in Shanghai and has an apartment on the 37th floor that should have a wonderful view over the city and far beyond. Unfortunately, you can barely see a couple of hundred meters and even that is murky. Some days you can barely make out buildings over the river. Whenever I visit I’m given a face-mask. Once in the car, I’m forbidden to open the windows. Every couple of hours we check the weather apps on our phone what is the pollution like and if it’s bad we get inside. and
Only 1% of China’s 560 million urban residents breathe air that is safe by EU standards
The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans
It seems that the US is paying Israel to buy its own Congress- some deal ??
Israel is among the world’s most affluent nations, with a per capita income similar to that of the European Union. Israel’s unemployment rate of 5.8% is better than America’s 7.3%, and Israel’s net trade, earnings, and payments is ranked 30th in the world while the US sits in last place at a dismal 193rd. Yet, Israel receives more aid  than all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean combined—which have a total population of over a billion people. And foreign aid is just one component of the staggering cost of US alliance with Israel.

Four charts about mental illness
For years doctors have complained about the serious underfunding of mental health services. Most people think performing more surgeries and cutting waiting times in emergency departments wins elections, while making sure someone with schizophrenia is properly supported and medicated doesn’t.

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