There is no justification for opening new coal mines

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There is no justification for opening new coal mines


Tim Flannery via 

2:08 PM (22 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Inga,

If all of the Galilee Basin coal was burned, it’s estimated that 705 million tonnes of CO2 would be released each year – that’s more than 1.3 times Australia’s current annual emissions.

Put simply, we cannot let this happen.

Our latest report, ‘Galilee Basin – Unburnable Coal’, explores why any new coal mine is fundamentally at odds with protecting Australia from the impacts of climate change.

Can you help share this important information with your networks?


Every time you share the facts, it helps ensure that the conversation about climate change, its impacts and solutions is based on the latest science available.

Momentum is building: global investment in new renewable capacity has overtaken investment in fossil fuels. However with 90% of known, extractable coal in Australia’s existing coal reserves needing to stay in the ground, action needs to be taken urgently.

So thanks for getting the facts out there, and for your support of The Climate Council.

Tim Flannery,
Chief Councillor

P.S If you see our work as valuable and want us to do more, perhaps you’d consider chipping in a few dollars to help our scientists keep up this important work?

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