BREAKING: Hazelwood to burn native forests?

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BREAKING: Hazelwood to burn native forests?


Ellen Sandell MP <>

2:42 PM (7 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Neville,

Last night Federal Labor joined the Abbott government and voted to cut the Renewable Energy Target (RET) by nearly 20% and count the burning of our native forests as ‘renewable energy’. Will you help us spread the word about this dirty deal?This appalling move could see Hazelwood — already Australia’s dirtiest power station — become even dirtier. Hazelwood is one of the power stations where burning wood from our native forests could now count as ‘renewable energy’ under last night’s dirty deal between Labor and the government.

Our campaign to replace Hazelwood is now more important than ever. Click here to share this devastating news with your friends on Facebook and ask them to join you in calling for Hazelwood power station to be replaced with renewable energy.

With the Australian Labor Party and the Abbott government slashing investment in real renewable energy projects nationally, here in Victoria we have the opportunity to cut pollution and build a clean economy in our state. We can show our federal politicians what real leadership looks like and protect our environment, create sustainable jobs and ensure a safe future for generations to come at the same time.

But to do this, we must grow our campaign for the Victorian government to close down the dirty, coal-fired Hazelwood power station and replace it with clean, renewable energy. Ask your friends to join you and add their name now at

Thanks for standing with us,

Ellen, with Adam Bandt

PS. Not on Facebook? Forward this email onto 5 of your friends now and ask them to join you in calling for Australia’s dirtiest power station, Hazelwood, to be replaced with clean and renewable energy. They can add their name at

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