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Taegen, Solar Citizens

11:20 AM (25 minutes ago)

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They’re still not seeing sense. Reports have surfaced that in the last 24 hours the Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm is counting votes with yet another plan to destroy solar and the Renewable Energy Target*.

These out of touch politicians are going to extraordinary lengths in their attempt to destroy solar, but we can go even further to keep our sunny future strong.

That’s why Terry is travelling 1,298km from Buderim on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to our nation’s capital to tell our politicians: “Don’t Block Out the Sun”.

In a few days’ time Terry will be one of 20 Solar Citizens volunteers from all over Australia who are heading to Canberra to step up our campaign to protect the Target.

They’ll be meeting with representatives in Parliament House on Monday December 1 – the first day of summer and the opening day of the final week that Parliament sits for the year. It’s a critical moment when we can show our MPs what real community support for solar looks like. Will you help them get there?

Here’s why Terry wants to go to Canberra:

My wife and I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2007. We found our electricity bills going up each year with little hope of stabilising. In 2011 we invested in rooftop solar and we’ve been very happy with every electricity account since then. 

I want to go to Canberra to ask our decision makers if they have a vision for the massive benefits of solar for the economy and the planet. My questions are simple: Do you want Australians to have clean cheap electricity? And what is your plan to move into the future of electricity generation? 

With negotiations between the major parties over the future of the Target stalled, and an unstable Senate peppered with cross bench senators, thousands solar and renewable energy jobs are grinding to a halt. This is our chance to step into Parliament House and influence what happens next.

But we need your help to pull this off. Solar Citizens is an independent community organisation relying on the generous donations and support of people like you who know that solar is the sensible solution for our country’s energy future. Will you donate $50 or whatever you can afford today to help Terry and the rest of our volunteer team get to Canberra to deliver their message on the first day of summer?

While we’re in Canberra we’ll make sure we get the attention of politicians and media with an eye-catching display on the lawns of Parliament House. Beach towels, umbrellas and a giant bottle of “Abbott’s Sunblock” will be the flavour of the day, but the message couldn’t be more serious. Don’t destroy solar and renewables. 

Your donation will go towards travel and accommodation costs for our team of solar advocates who are giving up their time to come and deliver this powerful message on behalf of millions of Aussie Solar Citizens all over the country. Chip in $50 or whatever you can afford to help us get Terry and other solar representatives to Canberra at this key moment before Parliament wraps up for the year.

After they return from meeting our leaders at Parliament House, we’ll be sure to send you a full report back on everything that our fantastic team of Solar Citizens representatives achieves.

Thanks so much for your support,

Terry, Taegen and the Solar Citizens team

P.S. While we’re in Canberra we’ll also be putting our team of 20 volunteers through their paces and training them up to become skilled community organisers in their states, so that together we can keep building an unstoppable Solar Citizens movement around the country. We know that investing in this training will help us protect the Renewable Energy Target and realise a strong solar future for Australia in 2015 and beyond. But the costs of getting the team to Canberra all add up, so please back us if you can by making your donation today.

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